If you have a dog with difficult nails, you may be wondering how to go about trimming them. There are a few different ways that groomers cut difficult dogs’ nails, and the method that you use will likely depend on the type of dog you have and the severity of the problem.

One common method is to use a Dremel 7760 Paw tool. This is a small, handheld tool that uses a rotating bit to grind down nails. It is important to be very careful when operating a Dremel 7760 tool, as it is easy to accidentally injure your dog if you are not careful.

Another common method is to use nail clippers. There are a variety of different types of nail clippers available, and you will need to find one that is the right size for your dog’s nails. It is critical to be very careful when using nail clippers, as it is easy to accidentally cut your dog’s nails too short. If your dog’s nails are extremely difficult to trim, you may need to take them to a professional groomer. This is usually the most efficient option, as they will have the experience and the tools necessary to safely trim your dog’s nails.